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Why contribute to Wintreath? Unlike many other regions, we invest in a forum which we can develop and a professional Minecraft server, which does require money. Donating helps keep these services going, and any access helps to support the region founder, Wintermoot, who helps cover these expenses when donations do not cover them. If you're interested, you can check out an accounting of our region's finances here.
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If you are still interested in donating, you can start the process by clicking the button above. We recommend contributions of at least $5 due to the fees that PayPal takes out of all contributions to cover their services. Whatever the amount though, thank you for donating. You're helping to make a difference in our region and community.
All-Time Top Contributors
#1 North $120.00 #2 HannahB $110.00
#3 Evelynx $101.00 #4 Sachém Uióndánš $100.00
#5 Gerrick $78.61 #6 Wuufu $70.00
#7 Francis $50.00 #8 beautifulthing $50.00
#9 Dawsinian $25.00 #10 Anonymous $20.00
#11 Anonymous $20.00 #12 Crushita $20.00
#13 tatte $20.00 #14 Omega $14.00
#15 Spudonia $10.00 #16 Govindia $10.00
#17 Anonymous $5.00 #18 Eko_of_Solis_Occasus $5.00
#19 Anonymous $2.50