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Happy birthday and best wishes to:

Elsa Arendelle (22)

Government of Wintreath

The Monarchy:
Monarch: Wintermoot

The Riksråd:
Delegate: BraveSirRobin

Jarl of Culture: Gerrick
Thane of Gaming: Gattoartico
Thane of LGBTQ Affairs: Mariam
Thane of Roleplay: Doc
Thane of Werewolf: Laurentus

Jarl of Foreign Affairs: Wintermoot
Thane of Embassy Dispatches: Vacant

Jarl of Integration: Laurentus
Thane of Integration: taulover

The Underhusen:
Skrifa: Chanku
Skrifa: Crushita
Skrifa: Dawsinian
Skrifa: Doc
Skrifa: Mathyland

The Overhusen:
Chairman: Wuufu
Peer: Wintermoot
Peer: Aragonn
Peer: Laurentus

The Frozen Gatehouse (Welcoming)

No New Posts The Frozen Oracle - News and Announcements
181 Discussions, 1,494 Messages

Come here for all news and announcements about Wintreath, its projects and games, and everything we do!

New Underhusen/Overhusen...
by Red Mones
February 10, 2018, 09:14:04 PM

The Frozen Village of Fourneshore (Discussions)

No New Posts Howling Wind Tavern - General Discussion
632 Discussions, 20,396 Messages

Community and general discussion take place here in the Tavern!

A Wintrean advice column...
by NyghtOwl
Yesterday at 08:21:21 PM

No New Posts The Amalyan Quarter - Games and Culture
317 Discussions, 11,228 Messages

Named for Countess Daphne Amalia Meindhert, this is the center for regional culture!

A Werewolf of Ice and Fi...
by taulover
Today at 02:08:29 AM

No New Posts The Gaming Lounge - Gaming Chat
184 Discussions, 3,383 Messages

Conversation about gaming and all the wonderful games out there. Game on!

Monster Hunter World
by NyghtOwl
Today at 01:59:21 AM

No New Posts The Dumping Grounds - Spam Games
106 Discussions, 29,997 Messages

The place for forum games and post spam.

Double Post Game (Round ...
by Kane lives
Yesterday at 11:47:22 PM

The Roleplayers' Gathering (Roleplay)

No New Posts The RP Guild - Roleplay Discussion
89 Discussions, 2,273 Messages

Where RPers of all shapes and sizes come together.

Clans of Ma'ar (Interest...
by Cinciri
February 12, 2018, 08:51:11 PM

No New Posts The Wonderful World of Wintreath - Lore and Casual Roleplay
52 Discussions, 2,565 Messages

Light roleplay and RP events throughout various locations of our region!

The Conclave of Wintreat...
by Crushita
Today at 12:59:07 AM

No New Posts The Gathering Portal - Roleplay
18 Discussions, 3,682 Messages

The entrance to roleplaying worlds unending. Here be virtual dragons.

Hell Frozen Over (Intere...
by Gabriel Artut
February 10, 2018, 03:10:51 AM

The City of Frostlake (Government)

No New Posts The Storting - Regional Legislature
13 Discussions, 61 Messages

The offices of our regional legislature, made up of the Underhusen and Overhusen.

Declaration of War again...
by Chanku
February 17, 2018, 03:00:40 AM

No New Posts Frosthold Castle - The Monarchy
141 Discussions, 2,521 Messages

Headquarters of the Monarchy, including the Cabinet, Ministries, and Guilds!

Position: Ambassador Inf...
by Gattoartico
February 13, 2018, 02:43:15 AM

No New Posts The Citizens' Platform - Wintreath Discussion
250 Discussions, 4,257 Messages

Discuss everything related to your regional government!

A Case for the Storting
by Chanku
Yesterday at 07:48:53 PM

No New Posts The Charax Romanov Embassy Complex - Foreign Consulates
52 Discussions, 1,573 Messages

Home of the consulates of foreign regions which Wintreath has relations with.

by 'Harry McClain'
February 18, 2018, 04:11:03 PM

Domain of the Founder (Administration)

No New Posts Technical - Website Discussion
95 Discussions, 1,804 Messages

Discussion of the website, forums, bugs, or site ideas here!

How do you upload a prof...
by Mariam
February 12, 2018, 12:46:56 AM

No New Posts The Registry of Things Past - Historic Archive
1,123 Discussions, 21,518 Messages

Archives from various other portions of the forum.

Nominations for Speaker!
by Wintermoot
February 16, 2018, 03:58:11 PM

Wintreath Regional Community - Info Center

Posts: 119,024    Topics: 4,563    Members: 1,159More Stats · Who's Online · Unread Posts · My Feed
Welcome to our newest member, Oak!

52 users online (45 guests and 7 members)

Evelynx, Hydra, Crushita, Chanku, Elbbsas, taulover, Doc

30 users online today.

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