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Version: 1.11
Status: Online

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Happy birthday and best wishes to:

Wuufu (29)

Government of Wintreath

The Monarchy:
Monarch: Wintermoot

The Riksråd:
Delegate: BraveSirRobin
Scribe: Justinian Ezkantion

Jarl of Culture: Gerrick
Thane of Culture: Aragonn

Jarl of Foreign Affairs: Wintermoot
Thane of Foreign Affairs: Emoticonius

Jarl of Integration: Vacant
Thane of Integration: Vacant

The Underhusen:
Speaker: Chanku
Skrifa: Gattoartico
Skrifa: Mathyland
Skrifa: North
Skrifa: Crushita

The Overhusen:
Chairman: Wuufu
Peer: Wintermoot
Peer: Aragonn

The Frozen Gatehouse (Welcoming)

No New Posts The Frozen Oracle - News and Announcements
160 Discussions, 1,373 Messages

Come here for all news and announcements about Wintreath, its projects and games, and everything we do!

Regarding the Ministry o...
by Wintermoot
July 22, 2017, 05:30:43 PM

The Frozen Village of Fourneshore (Discussions)

No New Posts Howling Wind Tavern - General Discussion
559 Discussions, 18,386 Messages

Community and general discussion take place here in the Tavern!

Ask Egalotir, Ambassador...
by Egalotir
Today at 04:59:17 AM

No New Posts The Amalyan Quarter - Games and Culture
271 Discussions, 8,727 Messages

Named for Countess Daphne Amalia Meindhert, this is the center for regional culture!

Werewolf XII Signups: En...
by Pengu
Today at 01:11:17 AM

No New Posts The Gaming Lounge - Gaming Chat
167 Discussions, 3,053 Messages

Conversation about gaming and all the wonderful games out there. Game on!

Regional Town of Salem G...
by North
Yesterday at 05:09:18 AM

No New Posts The Dumping Grounds - Spam Games
93 Discussions, 23,021 Messages

The place for forum games and post spam.

Let's get to 200 pages!
by taulover
Yesterday at 11:19:45 PM

The Roleplayers' Gathering (Roleplay)

No New Posts The RP Guild - Roleplay Discussion
76 Discussions, 1,895 Messages

Where RPers of all shapes and sizes come together.

The Next Generation: Ch...
by Commander_Zemas
Yesterday at 06:32:56 PM

No New Posts The Wonderful World of Wintreath - Lore and Casual Roleplay
50 Discussions, 2,482 Messages

Light roleplay and RP events throughout various locations of our region!

by Nutjob7
Yesterday at 07:22:21 PM

No New Posts The Gathering Portal - Roleplay
13 Discussions, 4,100 Messages

The entrance to roleplaying worlds unending. Here be virtual dragons.

by Elbbsas
Today at 03:12:09 AM

The City of Frostlake (Government)

No New Posts The Storting - Regional Legislature
19 Discussions, 125 Messages

The offices of our regional legislature, made up of the Underhusen and Overhusen.

Statement of the Underhu...
by Mathyland
Today at 12:14:57 AM

No New Posts Frosthold Castle - The Monarchy
130 Discussions, 2,363 Messages

Headquarters of the Monarchy, including the Cabinet, Ministries, and Guilds!

Orendi XII
by Gerrick
Yesterday at 07:28:21 PM

No New Posts The Citizens' Platform - Wintreath Discussion
232 Discussions, 3,987 Messages

Discuss everything related to your regional government!

Citizenship: Add Post Re...
by Wintermoot
June 25, 2017, 07:24:23 PM

No New Posts The Charax Romanov Embassy Complex - Foreign Consulates
50 Discussions, 1,493 Messages

Home of the consulates of foreign regions which Wintreath has relations with.

by Wintermoot
July 23, 2017, 05:44:53 PM

Domain of the Founder (Administration)

No New Posts Technical - Website Discussion
92 Discussions, 1,760 Messages

Discussion of the website, forums, bugs, or site ideas here!

Ten Most Liked Topics of...
by Wintermoot
July 22, 2017, 10:28:59 PM

No New Posts The Registry of Things Past - Historic Archive
977 Discussions, 15,983 Messages

Archives from various other portions of the forum.

[VOTE] Fundamental Laws ...
by Chanku
June 21, 2017, 10:14:29 PM

Wintreath Regional Community - Info Center

Posts: 100,140    Topics: 4,117    Members: 1,089More Stats · Who's Online · Unread Posts · My Feed
Welcome to our newest member, Luftwaffles!

58 users online (55 guests and 3 members)

Nutjob7, Elbbsas, Aethelia

29 users online today.

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