Text | VoteRevocation of Citizenship (Govindia)
1. This Act will be titled the Revocation of Govindia's Citizenship.

2. The Storting first and foremost recognizes the fact that proposed revocation of citizenship is a serious matter, and accepts that all other avenues of action must be thoroughly pursued before a revocation should be discussed. However;
  (a). The Storting recognizes the Citizen Govindia's harmful - albeit unintentional - habit of pestering and harassing other Citizens, to the point that several long-lasting administrative actions have been taken against him for his behaviour both on the forums and on the IRC. Despite many efforts by multiple community members to help or otherwise mediate in disputes caused by or involving Govindia, little to no visible change has occurred and all other options have been explored.
  (b). The Storting regrets that the community cannot help Citizen Govindia, as it understands him to be a good-natured citizen who doesn't always realize the harm he does.

3. With this in mind, the Storting hereby revokes his citizenship based on the following examples of poor behaviour, harassment or otherwise actionable poor judgement:
  (a).  The Storting remembers the previous attempt to revoke Citizenship on April 29 - May 1, 2015, and the complaints and evidence presented therein.  
  (b).  The Storting acknowledges the evidence provided by the Monarch detailing the events of August 8 - September 1 and October 3, 2015
  (c).  The Storting recognizes Govindia's actions against Jarl of Information HannahB and the Monarch on January 22-23, 2016, at which time he was placed on probation, and his violation of such probation early the following month, which resulted in a permanent ban from Wintreath IRC channels.  

4. The Storting notes that it affirms the right to appeal this Act through all the lawful channels in which this may be done.
5. In addition, the Storting notes that future revocation Acts will require the same burden of proof in regards to evidence in order to create a process by which this unfortunate action can be carried out in the event a revocation is required again.

6. It is also noted that whilst the IRC does not technically fall under the legal jurisdiction of the Storting, actions taken there influence and impact the region elsewhere. As such, the use of IRC logs as evidence is permissible in such cases.