Text | VoteSkrifa Action Appeals Act
1. This act shall be titled "The Skrifa Action Appeals Act"

2.  The following shall be added to the Underhusen Procedural Rules and numbered accordingly.

If a Skrifa feels another Skrifa (including the Speaker) has made some violation of law or procedural rules, the Skrifa can appeal the action(s) by making an objection.  The objection must state the alleged violation of the law or Underhusen Procedural Rules.  The accused Skrifa is entitled to present their interpretation of the law before Section (a) comes into effect.
    a.  If the objection receives a second, each Skrifa shall declare themselves in support of or opposed to the accused Skrifa's action in question.  The accused Skrifa does not get a vote.  If the number of Skrifa declaring opposed exceeds the number declaring in favor, the Skrifa's action will be reversed and the Underhusen will be prohibited from using a similar interpretation of the relevant portion(s) of law for the remainder of the term.  If the vote is tied or fails, the action stands.