Text | VoteTreaty Between Wintreath and the People's Republic of Lazarus
The Treaty Between Wintreath and the People's Republic of Lazarus passed the Underhusen and the Overhusen on December 9th, 2013, and declared in effect on December 10th, 2013 after ratification by Lazarus.

Treaty Between Wintreath and the People's Republic of Lazarus

This treaty is created with the intent of promoting increased and close relations between the People's Republic of Lazarus, which is the legal government of Lazarus per its constitution, and the legitimate government of Wintreath. The signatories acknowledge their ideological unity, and their capacity to achieve great things during cooperative efforts, and have thus enacted this treaty. It is also the belief of the signatories that formalized friendship between defender regions is beneficial to all involved parties.

This treaty shall concern Lazarus and Wintreath in all of its clauses.

Article One: Recognition and Defense
1.The signatories agree to recognize the legitimate governments of their respective counterparts as outlined in the preamble of this document.
2.The signatories agree to come to the defense of their respective counterparts if requested to do so by the legitimate, authorized leadership of the asking party.
3. Defense can entail sending nations who are involved in the army of the respective regions to supply in-game endorsements on requested nations and/or verbal declarations of support by the Heads of State (or Foreign Affairs Official equivalent) of the two regions in question -- this only applies if the regions in question are undoubtedly sovereign territories. The legal Heads of State of the signatories shall be the only ones authorized to request such defensive support.

Article Two: Intelligence
1.The signatories agree to inform their counterpart's Head of State of threats to the counterpart's in-game or off-site security immediately upon learning of it.
2.The signatories agree that shared intelligence will not be passed on to external parties, with external being defined as parties who are not members of the signatory governments, or parties who have conflicting interests with this treaty's intentions via non-signatory regions.
3.The signatories are compelled to exchange information pertaining intelligence and counterintelligence with each other.
4.The signatories agree not to promote, encourage, authorize, or engage in espionage against their counterpart signatory.

Article Three: Military Cooperation
1.The signatories agree to seek increased military cooperation and shall maintain "Military Liaison" maskings for their counterpart's military officers on their forums. These maskings shall enable officers to see their counterpart region's low-level military forums (defined as forums that non-officers can see).
2.The signatories agree to respect the private nature of their counterpart's military intelligence and to respect the responsibility that comes with close cooperation. The signatories shall not share private information about their counterpart's militaries missions, agenda, or classified affairs to any parties, save for their superiors within their respective signatory region, without the permission of the relevant officers in the counterpart's military. The signatories agree that such information will not be shared externally under any circumstances without permission from their counterpart's military officers.
5.The signatories agree not to sabotage their counterpart's military operations.
6.The signatories agree to promote the strengthening of each other's militaries through sharing guides, techniques, and training advice.
7.The signatories agree to offer their counterpart's use of their late-updating jump points that are owned by members of either signatory's military officer corps. It is the expectation of both signatories that jump points used by a signatory's military shall be available to both militaries so as long as the missions are defenses, warzone missions or liberations

Article Four: Culture
1.The signatories shall share in-game and off-site embassies. If an illegal delegate of a signatory region closes the in-game embassy with the signatory region's counterpart, embassies shall be restored immediately following the restoration of the legitimate delegate.
2.The signatories shall pursue closer friendship by engaging each other's members on their counterpart signatory's forums, chatrooms, and regional message boards.
3. The signatories agree to hold at least two cultural events with each other on their counterpart's forum per year; one must be hosted on Lazarus' forum, and one must be hosted on Wintreath's board.

Article Five: Protocol for Abolishment
1.The parties that ratified this document shall reserve the authority to render it null and void through the means authorized under their regional laws and/or protocols.