TextDecree 007: Regarding Sunshine Provisions of the Riksråd
Decree 007 of the Monarch of Wintreath
Regarding Sunshine Provisions of the Riksråd

The question of public access to previous discussions of the Riksråd is something that has come up at several points in our region's history, and is a question that requires a balanced approach. On one hand, a non-democratic government such as ours takes much more faith and trust in their leaders to succeed, and that trust and faith ought to be validated by greater transparency. Yet on the other hand, as the Executive Cabinet, it's imperative that the Riksråd be able to have frank, open, and honest conversations on the affairs of the region without worry that their statements will come back to haunt them. There are also times when discussions may be of a sensitive nature or deal with classified information and intelligence that would could harm our region or even outright violate treaty if they were to be released.

It's not an easy task to balance these competing concerns. Most regions don't even bother, as very few of them allow for public release of Cabinet discussions under any circumstances at all. However, after much thought over the past several months, I feel that establishing a well-crafted sunshine provision will balance each of these concerns, particularly now as we celebrate one year as a region.

Sunshine Provision
1) At the beginning of each calendar month, discussions of the Riksråd which concluded in the previous month of the previous year and have not been classified by a current member of the Riksråd shall be made accessible to the Citizens of the region.

Classification of Cabinet Discussions
2) Cabinet discussions of deliberations to be classified under this decree shall in themselves be classified and are excluded from the provisions of this decree.

3) At the beginning of every month after November 2014, the Monarch shall make the Riksråd aware of the discussions which are slated to be released for the next month under this policy. Any member of the Riksråd may classify a particular discussion by stating their intention to do so.
a) Due to the beginning of this current month having already passed, the Monarch shall make the Riksråd aware of the discussions to be released in December 2014 as soon as possible following the publishing of this Decree.

4) Once classified, a discussions classification status shall need to be reaffirmed each subsequent month, utilizing the same processes provided for in Section 3 of this decree.

Modification of the Decree
5) The Monarch may modify this decree at any time, and shall notifiy the regional community of doing so by creating a new post in the topic in which the decree was published detailing the modifications made.

It is my hope that this decree will give new insights into the Executive government of the region as well as strike the right balance between transparency and privacy. I believe that with this decree Wintreath will become one of the most transparent governments in NationStates, which is something that we can all be proud of. :)

So decreed on this 400th day since our region's founding,

Inric Nordrim Kestar (Wintermoot I of Wintreath)
Monarch and Founder of Wintreath