TextDecree 011: Regarding Rhetoric of the "Undead Dominion of Lazarus"
Decree 011 of the Monarch of Wintreath
Regarding Rhetoric of the "Undead Dominion of Lazarus"

I have spoken before of the abhorrent rhetoric of the leadership of the "Undead Dominion of Lazarus", a regime which came into being through the overthrow of the region's legitimate government, the importation of people supporting the regime, and the disenfranchisement and ultimate banishment of dozens of people who maintained loyalty to the overthrown legitimate government.

I understand that over the years the once-prevalent moral aversion to coups in the game-created regions has waned, and that many people now believe the only thing that matters when it comes to legitimacy is the support of the region's delegate. While I personally disagree, as I have stated before it is not our place as a region to weigh in on one side or another in these inter-regional conflicts without a treaty that calls for us to do so.

However, for this regime simply seizing the region wasn't enough. In trying to rationalize its actions, this regime continues to slander and assassinate the characters of those it opposes, including myself and several other Wintreath Citizens, most recently through a show-trail whose result was predetermined and supported by misleading "evidence" and in which those accused were not allowed to even post in the proceedings, codifying it's abhorrent rhetoric into law. While it is not our place to intervene in the affairs of game-created regions, it is not only our place but our responsibility to defend our Citizens who have been wronged in this manner in any way possible, even if the only ways to do so are largely symbolic.

Therefore, by order of the Monarch:
1) Funkadelia, Evil Wolf, Lamb, and Adytus are declared persona non grata from Wintreath.

Again, this move is highly symbolic seeing as only Funkadelia has an account on these forums, but these people are most responsible for the creation, dissemination, and codification of this rhetoric, and this action will stand as a symbol of our principles as a community, including the defense of our Citizens when they have been wronged.

So decreed on this, the 1,472nd day of our region.

Inric Nordrim Kestar (Wintermoot I of Wintreath)
Monarch and Founder of Wintreath
Suzerain of New Hyperion
Regent of Nowhere