Text | VotePoint Breeze Paragon Act
1. This act shall be cited as the Point Breeze Paragon Act.

2. Wintreath commends Point Breeze (PB) for:
(a) Being an exemplary example of Wintreath spirit on an international scale,
(b) Pioneering new and innovative methods as Jarl of Integration, singlehandedly overhauling and organizing the mentor system,
(c) His outstanding work welcoming and fostering new members in Wintreath,
(d) His commendable dedication as a mentor and leader of mentors to new Wintreans,
(e) His outstanding contribution in the Underhusen, including one term as Speaker pro tempore and authoring laws such as The Structural Amendments to the Underhusen Procedural Rules,
(f) His dedication and commitment to the betterment of Wintreath.

3. Point Breeze is hereby elevated to the rank of Paragon.