WNTR 231 - Recruiting For Wintreath
Overview of Recruitment

Thanks for you interest in recruiting for our region! Recruiting may not be the funnest or most glorious task, but it's one of the most vital roles in the region because it lets new and returning nations know who we are and what we're all about in the hope they'll consider moving here! This guide will help you get started with the basics of setting up a recruitment telegram and sending it for the first time!

In order to recruit, you will need a nation in Wintreath to send telegrams from. This can be your Citizenship nation or a nation you create specifically to recruit from.

Setting up the Recruitment Telegram

First, we need to take our recruitment telegram and turn it into a template. Templates are used when we want to send the same telegram to multiple nations and takes up fewer server resources on the game than copying and pasting the entire telegram and sending it repeatedly. For this reason, the game staff highly encourages recruiters to use templates. Templates also allow you to track how many telegrams you have sent and have been successfully received. To create a template:

1) Copy our standard recruitment telegram from here.

2) Go to your NationStates nation page, making sure that you are logged in as the nation you want to send recruitment telegrams from.

3) In the To field, type in tag:template to tell NationStates that you want to create a message template, and then paste the recruitment message in the box.

4) IMPORTANT: Hit the arrow or plus sign beside the To field and mark the template as a recruitment telegram for Wintreath. It is against game rules to send recruitment telegrams that have not been marked.

5) Click the Send button and copy the code you receive that begins and ends with a percent sign. This is your template ID, and it will be what you actually send to nations.

Sending Your First Recruitment Telegram

Now that you have a message template, you're ready to begin recruiting! To begin recruiting:

1) Go to our recruitment portal located here! This is a special page that lists the last 100 nations that have been created or revived and can be recruited to.

2) Click on a nation in the list. This will take you to their NationStates nation page.

3) At the bottom of their nation page, click Write Telegram, and then in the box that appears paste the template code that you received earlier.

4) If this is the first nation you are recruiting to, you may want to click the Preview and then click the link it provides to make sure nothing is wrong with your telegram and it is properly marked as a recruitment telegram.

5) Click Send to send the recruitment message.

And that's all there is to it. Rinse and repeat steps 2, 3, and 5 to recruit additional nations.

Things to Look Out For

1) Try to avoid recruiting to nations that have obscene names. These nations will quickly be deleted by the game staff if they haven't already been, and your recruitment effort wil have been wasted on that nation.

2) Also try to avoid recruiting to Nazi nations. These can usually be identified by the name of the nation or the flag they're waving. We don't want them and they probably don't want us either.

3) You may see a series of nations being created that have nearly the same name or are flying the same flag. These are puppet nations...additional nations created by the same person, and you can skip over them since usually they are already part of a region.


Again, thank you for your interest in helping to bring new people to Wintreath! If you have any questions about recruitment or there is a step that is not clear, feel free to post in the Civil Service area and we will help you out as soon as we can!