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Welcome to my profile!
Hi, I'm Elbbsas. You'll likely bump into me around the Dumping Grounds or the Halls Of Art And Writing.

A quick run-down of me:
  • I'm a Kiwi (New Zealander), and people are probably sick of me bringing that fact up.
  • I'm rubbish at forming my own opinions on things. I'm trying to avoid that, so hopefully it's not a noticeable trait of mine.
  • I like to write, read, and generally Literature.
  • I have a tendancy to become a fan of anything I interact with. (Yes, that plus writing equals fanfic. Hush).
  • And I have a phobia of trees with faces. I am aware of how ridiculous that sounds, feel free to mock it. I do! Regularly!

Going back to the writing; feel free to tell me I have no idea what I'm doing, or get me to read something. I'm a wee bit out of practice and am currently working out what things I am good/bad at, but writing is fun. Even if it turns out I'm not good at it, practice equals improvement.

Current Projects:

- Timed Prompts. Located in the Halls Of Art And Writing. In which I'm using TV Tropes to generate a prompt, then write to it. It's mostly for practice and flaw identification than anything else.

- Dragon Roamer. Located on my computer. Currently is an outline with one out of five arcs complete, and a few thousand words into the prologue written. Basically, MLP OCs plus Danganronpa; because murders are fun to write and plan, and the MLP setting is fun.

- October Project. Located on my computer. A currently-nebulous project. I'm thinking it's in the horror genre at this time? It's subject to change.
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