Text | VoteThe Covenant of Fellowship Between New Hyperion and Wintreath
The Covenant of Fellowship Between New Hyperion and Wintreath

After a long period of fellowship between our regions, it is agreed that a closer relationship between the communities of the New Hyperion Order and the Frozen Realm of Wintreath, as enshrined in this Treaty, would be beneficial to all people who take part in either region, many of whom are already involved in both regions. It is hoped by all that this treaty shall enable the establishment of a more perfect union between our regions and our communities.

Article I - Rights and Duties of the Vassal (New Hyperion)
1) The Vassal shall cede sovereignty to the Suzerain and recognize the Suzerain as having exclusive and final authority over the foreign, military, and other external affairs of the Vassal. Having ceded its sovereignty to the Suzerain, the Vassal shall recognize the Suzerain as its successor state. The Vassal shall be bound by all treaties which have been ratified by the Suzerain.

2) The Vassal shall, through processes determined by their law, designate an Autarch to head an internal government, who shall also maintain Citizenship in Wintreath and pledge fealty to the Monarch of Wintreath. In turn, the Autarch shall be recognized by the Monarch a noble of Wintreath.

3) The Vassal shall enjoy the right of internal self-rule, including but not limited to the right to maintain a separate government to be headed by the Autarch, the right to maintain internal laws seperate from the Suzerain, and the right to maintain its region as it sees fit, so long as doing so does not violate any other portion of this Treaty.

Article II - Rights and Duties of the Suzerain (Wintreath)
1) The Suzerain shall guarantee the protection and the internal self-rule of the Vassal, including ensuring that the rights, privileges, and protections of all treaties ratified by the Suzerain are also enjoyed by the Vassal.

2) The Suzerain shall exempt Citizens of the Vassal from any post requirements related to becoming Citizens of the Suzerain, but shall enforce all other requirements to acquire and maintain Citizenship.

3) The Suzerain shall place the Vassal under its military protection. In return, the Vassal shall provide all available military assets for use by the Suzerain, and render military assistance to the Suzerain if requested to do so by the Monarch.

Article III - High Commissions and Embassies
1) The Suzerain and the Vassal shall both maintain designated High Commissions for the other on their respective forums, and shall provide a High Commissioner to the other party. Each party shall endeavor to keep the other up to date on their regional affairs.

2) The Suzerain may enforce any of its external laws in New Hyperion through its High Commissioner, including but not limited to this Treaty. In return, the Vassal may represent its interests in Wintreath through its High Commissioner.

3) The Suzerain and the Vassal shall maintain in-game embassies with each other.

Article IV - Commencement, Termination, and Amendment of the Treaty
1) This Treaty shall take effect on 29 October 2016, provided that both the Vassal and the Suzerain have ratified it by that date. If one or both parties have not ratified this Treaty by that date, it shall become operative once both the Vassal and Suzerain have done so.

2) This Treaty and all bonds created herein may be terminated by either the Vassal or the Suzerain via a written declaration posted on the forums of both parties. The Vassal may only terminate this Treaty if it no longer recognizes the existence of the Suzerain as a legitimate sovereign region.

3) This Treaty may be amended, through ratification by both the Vassal and the Suzerain, without termination of the Treaty.