Text | VoteSpeaker Selection Omnibus Amendment Act
1. This bill shall be cited as the Speaker Selection Omnibus Amendment Act.

Amendment to the Fundamental Laws of Wintreath
2.  Section 4 of the Fundamental Laws of Wintreath shall be amended to read accordingly:
Quote from: Section 4, Fundamental Laws of Wintreath
4. Upon the conclusion of the election, the Underhusen shall, under supervison of the Monarch, select a member of it's own to preside over the Underhusen. Further procedure shall be declared in the Procedural Rules of the Underhusen.
Amendment to the Procedural Rules of Wintreath
3. At the Conclusion of Section 7 of the Procedural Rules of the Underhusen, the following section shall be inserted, and all subsequent sections renumbered accordingly:
Quote from: Section 8, Procedural Rules
8. At the Conclusion of each election, the Monarch shall immediatly open poll within the halls of the Underhusen, where prospective candidates will have 48 hours to stand as a candidate for Speaker of the Underhusen. Following the 48 hour period, all Skrifa may have one vote for Speaker of the Underhusen. The poll will remain open for 48 hours. The Speaker shall be chosen by popularity vote.
Passage and Compliance
4. Section 3 of this bill will only become effective if the bill in it's entirety passes a referendum of all citizens of Wintreath.