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Speaker Emergency Powers Act

This act shall be titled the "Speaker Emergency Powers Act".

Amendments and Additions:
The "The Procedural Rules of the Underhusen Act" shall be amended to add a section 16 which shall read as follows:
16. (a)The Speaker (or standing Speaker) may deem members of the Underhusen "inactive" if they are not present for a prolonged period of time, this status can be ignored if supplanted by either the "inactive" member stating they are no longer inactive in the Underhusen or by majority vote of all current Skrifa. This status must be noted and maintained in a public listing in the Underhusen.

(b)The "inactive" label may only be placed on a Skrifa that has not taken part in any discussion or vote in the Underhusen for the last 14 days (336 hours).

(c) If the majority (equal to or more than 50%) of the Underhusen is deemed "inactive" then requirements on the speaker to not initiate motions can be waived for the interim. Namely in sections 3(b) and 3(c). Thus the speaker would be able to initiate motions to vote or table discussions.

(d) If all Skrifa bar the Speaker (or standing Speaker) are deemed "inactive" then the session will be immediately suspended until either 1] The Skrifa return, or 2] The session ends. During this suspension no proposals may be introduced, motioned on, or voted on in the Underhusen.