Text | VoteDefinition of Abstention Act
1. This act shall be entitled the Definition of Abstention Act.

2. The term "abstain" in regards to votes (including but not limited to: Underhusen votes, Overhusen votes, ratification votes) shall be defined as any vote or non-vote that does not include only one of the terms "aye" or "nay".

3. The term "abstain" in regards to votes for elected office shall be defined as any vote or lack thereof that does not select from the prescribed candidates in the election.
   (a) The candidates in an election are defined by the Monarch or other election official in accordance with section IV.2 of the Wintreath Fundamental Laws.

4. Votes marked "abstain" shall not contribute for/against any majority or supermajority for the passing and/or ratification of any bill, nor shall votes marked "abstain" contribute towards the election of any candidate.

5. This act affirms the right of any citizen to abstain from voting during any vote and for any purpose.