Text | VotePengu Commendation Act
1. This act shall be cited as the Pengu Commendation Act.


2. Wintreath notes the numerous achievements of Pengu:
(a) Establishing engaging entertainment such as the Lusty Jarl comedy news publication,
(b) Being a driving force for the community with his work on Werewolf,
(c) Serving outstandingly at the post of Jarl of Culture,
(d) Contributing to the Storting repeatedly, specifically as Speaker of the Underhusen and Chairman of the Overhusen.

3. Wintreath recognises that:
(a) Pengu's efforts have excelled at tying the region's Citizens together in ways no others have previously done, and that
(b) The above list is not fully inclusive of Pengu's accomplishments, and

4. Pengu is hereby awarded the Wintreath Commendation.