Text | VoteTreaty of Friendship and Cultural Exchange Between International Northwestern Union and The Frozen Realm of Wintreath
Treaty of Friendship and Cultural Exchange
Between International Northwestern Union and The Frozen Realm of Wintreath

We, the sovereign regions of Wintreath and International Northwestern Union, agree to enact the terms of this treaty in the hopes of encouraging cooperation between regions, expanding our cultural endeavors, and achieving closer relations as allies. It is our hope that this treaty will enable the establishment of a cooperative spirit, under which we may accomplish great things to the benefit of both regions.

Article I - Mutual Recognition of Governments
1) The parties recognize the constitutional government of each region as legitimate and will not extend that recognition to any other government, except for successor governments created in a lawful manner.

Article II - Non-Aggression of the Parties
1) Neither party shall participate or support any action taken with the intent to destabilize or overthrow the government of the other party.

2) Neither party shall participate in military operations against the other party's home region or its colonies, vassals, or other subordinate possessions.

3) Neither party shall conduct or support the use of espionage, sabotage, or any other covert action against the other party.

4) Neither party shall utilize any third party to circumvent to provisions of this treaty in any way.

5) The parties agree that participation on opposing sides of a military engagement outside the provisions of Section 2 shall not constitute a violation of this treaty.

Article III - Diplomatic and Military Support
1) The parties agree to render military assistance in the protection of each other's home regions, colonies, vassals, and other subordinate possessions if requested to do so by the other party's Head of State.

2) The parties agree to provide diplomatic support to each other when doing so would not conflict with the internal policies of either party.

Article IV - Embassies and Ambassadors
1) Each party shall maintain a designated embassy for the other on their forums, and shall provide an ambassador to the other party. Each party shall endeavor to keep the other up to date on their regional affairs. The parties agree that ambassadors will behave in line with the laws and any ambassador protocols established by the host region.

2) The parties shall maintain in-game embassies with each other.

Article V - Cultural Cooperation and Exchange
1) The parties shall endeavor to hold joint festivals, events, and other cultural endeavors with each other, including at least one yearly festival to celebrate the friendship between the two regions.

2) Participants of joint events and activities shall follow the laws of the region hosting the event. The host region shall maintain the right to deny or revoke an individual's access to the festival for any reason.

3) The parties agree to allow each other to promote their regular cultural activities and events in the the cultural or general discussion area of their forum as well as their regional message board, so long as the activities and events are not shared with a non-signatory party.

Article VI - Commencement and Termination
1) The provisions of this treaty shall become operative upon its ratification by both parties.

2) A party may terminate this treaty by providing a notice of termination to the government of the other party on its forum. Termination shall take effect after seven calendar days. The parties agree to attempt to resolve any differences before attempting to terminate this treaty.