TextDecree 003: Regarding Foreign Recruitment Campaigns
Decree 003 of the Monarch of Wintreath
Regarding Foreign Recruitment Campaigns

Once in awhile, you may log into your nation to find that you have received a telegram from another region, advertising the supposed wonders of that region, long after you've already chose Wintreath as your home. Although nearly universally looked down upon throughout NationStates, some regions looking for a quick burst of growth will stoop to attempting to recruit from other user-created regions such as Wintreath...trampling the sovereignty of our region and spamming your inbox for a cheap shot at some quick and temporary growth.

As Monarch of Wintreath, it is my responsibility to uphold the sovereignty of our region and our residents that do not want these messages. I believe that when a region's sovereignty is so blatantly and intentionally violated, a vigorous response is required to deter others from doing the same. To do less would be to show weakness, and to invite others to use Wintreath as their own recruitment pool. With the goal of creating such a vigorous response, as Monarch I decree the following:

1) Wintreath shall reply to any recruitment campaign directed to it by launching its own mass-recruitment telegram to the region that sent the original telegram. This telegram will promote the region, explain why the telegram is being sent in the first place, and urge the recipients to persuade their government to not recruit from user-created regions in the future.

2) Wintreath shall sever and refuse relations with any region which has attempted to recruit from it, until such time that the region has issued an official apology to Wintreath and fairly compensated Wintreath for any losses which may have been caused by their recruitment campaign. The Monarch shall determine fair compensation on a case-by-case basis.

3) The Ministries of Information, Integration, and World Assembly affairs shall ensure that residents are aware of the option to block unwanted recruitment telegrams, and to provide any assistance needed to those that are attempting to block recruitment telegrams.

4) The Monarch may modify this decree at any time, and will notify the regional community of changes by creating a new post in this topic detailing the modifications made.

It is my hope that these measures will provide a strong response, build our defenses against this particular type of attack on our sovereignty, and serve as a deterrent against those who would otherwise not think twice about recruiting from sovereign regions. Recruitment in our region will not be tolerated, and our regional sovereignty will be respected, out of genuine respect or fear of retaliation. Either way, the message is out: Wintreath is ready to stand against recruitment spam, and recruitment telegrams will be answered...right back at their own residents.

So ordered on this day,
-Inric Nodrim Stark (Wintermoot of Wintreath)
-Monarch of Wintreath