Text | VoteWeissreich Paragon Act
1. This act shall be cited as the Weissreich Paragon Act.

2. Wintreath notes the numerous achievements of Weissreich:
(a) Establishing a judiciary system in Wintreath,
(b) Authoring the Wintreath Criminal Codes,
(c) Being the creator and inaugural member of Wintreath's royal nobility,
(d) Serving in both the Overhusen and Underhusen, including two terms as Speaker pro tempore,
(e) Devising a regional map through which a canon regional history has been created, and
(f) Establishing the foundation of our regional roleplay.

3. Wintreath recognises that:
(a) Weissreich's efforts have invaluably furthered the continuity of the region both inside and outside the legislature and roleplay,
(b) The above list is not fully inclusive of Weissreich's accomplishments, and
(c) Weissreich has previously been awarded an official Commendation, and that this honour is insufficient to fully describe his service to the region.

4. Weissreich is hereby elevated to the rank of Paragon.