Text | VoteThe Amalya Paragon Act
1. This shall be titled the Amalya Paragon Act

Paragon Status and commendations
     The Storting recognizes the efforts that Amalya Meindhert has put into the betterment of Wintreath. Her efforts as the Jarl of Culture, including the establishment and running of the Chasing the American Dream roleplay, Wintreath Radio, and other contests and events have helped push Wintreath along into the beginning stages of prosperity and growth, and her influence is seen in practically every new cultural area that appears within the Region. We further recognize her service to this Storting as Speaker of the Fourth Underhusen.

    Through her time in the region, Amalya has been elevated to Countess because of her continued efforts and interest in the betterment of our region, and was named as Wintreath's first Citizen of the month by the Citizens of the region. However, her greatest impact on our community is through her friendliness, perseverance, loyalty, compassion, and openness that has made her such a friend and role model to so many here and made her an essential pillar of our community.

    And so it is with great enthusiasm that we, the Storting, commend Amalya for her efforts. We commend her for her services, loyalty, quality of work, and embodiment of the very values of Wintreath, and elevate her to the status of a Paragon in recognition.