TextDecree 009: Regarding Events in Lazarus
Decree 009 of the Monarch of Wintreath
Regarding Events in Lazarus

Over the past several days, the Chairman of the People's Republic of Lazarus, Stujenske, has perpetuated a series of escalating actions which I have been monitoring with great interest and concern, not only because of the nature of the actions themselves but because of the fact that Lazarus is a treaty ally. These actions include the illegal changing of the regional flag, the arbitrary removal and banjection of Lazarene Citizens, the interference with legislative attempts to call a vote of non-confidence in the Chairman, the subsequent removal of opposition Congressmen from their seats, and the removal of portions of the regional Constitution which may not be legally removed.

As grave as these events are, I considered these to be part of an internal conflict until last night, when Stujenske arbitrarily dissolved the regional Constitution in its entirety, an act that crosses the line from an internal conflict to an attempt to coup the region and it's legal government. In response, the remainder of the government has set up an alternative forum where it can work free of the influence of the rogue delegate and plan to restore Lazarus to its people. As a treaty ally, it is imperative that we support the legal government in their endeavors not because it is our commitment to by treaty, but because as a region we support our friends, and our friends need our help now more than ever.

In response to these events, I decree the following resolutions:

1) The Frozen Realm of Wintreath recognizes the "Lazarene Underground State" (aka the People's Republic of Lazarus in Exile) as the legitimate government of Lazarus, with all rights and responsibilities recognized by diplomatic standards and by the "Treaty Between Wintreath and the People's Republic of Lazarus".

2) Until such time that the Lazarene Underground State has selected a legal successor Chairman, the Frozen Realm of Wintreath recognizes Funkadelia as "Head of State" for the purposes of any portion of the "Treaty Between Wintreath and the People's Republic of Lazarus" which reference that term.

3) Stujenske and Alexej III are hereby declared persona non grata from Wintreath for their roles in perpetrating and supporting the couping of the legal government of Lazarus, of which they were entrusted by the people of the region to lead as Chairman and Vice-Chairman.

Understanding the difficulty of facing a coup that has obviously been so well set up, I hope that the regional community of Lazarus can persevere through these tough times and eventually overcome the struggle they face in their fight to restore legal government and establish peace in their home.

So decreed on this 539th day since our region's founding,

Inric Nordrim Kestar (Wintermoot I of Wintreath)
Monarch and Founder of Wintreath