Text | VoteThe Treaty of Friendship Between The Kingdom of Ainur and The Frozen Realm
This law is currently void.
The Treaty of Friendship

The Kingdom of Ainur
The Frozen Realm of Wintreath

The Parties to this Treaty, in order to further regional cooperation and establish an alliance, agree as follows:

Article 1 - Definitions
1. A subordinate possession shall be defined as a region which a Party has either founded, refounded, or otherwise exercises control over through the subordinate possession's founder nation, and which is not an independent region or subject to the exclusive sovereignty of another region. The Parties shall maintain an up-to-date list of their subordinate possessions for the use of the other Party.

Article 2 - Mutual Recognition of Governments
1. In Ratifying this Treaty, each Party recognises the ratifying Government of the other as the legitimate government of that Party, subject to any such lawful changes of government as may from time to time occur.

Article 3 - Common Defense
1. Neither Party shall participate or support any action taken with the intent to destabilize or overthrow the government of the other Party.
2. Neither Party shall participate in military operations against the other Party's home region or its colonies, vassals or other subordinate possessions.
3. Neither Party shall conduct, promote, encourage, or otherwise support the use of espionage, sabotage, or any other covert action against the other Party.
4. In the event that a Party's home region or subordinate possession becomes founderless, the other Party shall render military assistance in the defense of that region at the request of the leader of their recognized government.
5. The Parties shall share all information related to any known or suspected threats to the security of the home regions, subordinate possessions, and off-site properties of either region.
6. The Parties agree that participation on opposing sides of a military engagement outside either Party's home region or subordinate possessions shall not constitute a violation of this Treaty.
7. The Parties agree not to utilize a third party to circumvent the provisions of this Treaty in any way.

Article 4 - Diplomatic Support
1. The Parties shall endeavour to provide diplomatic support to each other where such support would not conflict with the internal policies of the Parties.

Article 5 - Cultural Activities
1. The Parties shall establish an annual festival celebrating the friendship and amity between the two regions. The festival shall be jointly hosted by the Monarchs of both Parties and shall be held on a date and in a place to be determined by agreement of the Parties, and afterwards shall be hosted by the Parties on a rotating basis.
2. The Parties may optionally consider joint collaboration on the development and implementation of additional events which are commonly held by multiple regions, such as holiday celebrations, in order to improve the quality of the festivities, foster camaraderie between regional communities and reduce the burden of each Party developing its own festivities.
3. Participants of joint events and activities shall follow the laws of the region hosting the event. The host region shall maintain the right to deny or revoke an individual's access to the festival for any reason.

Article 6 - Embassies and Ambassadors
1. Each Party shall establish a designated embassy for the other on its forums and shall provide an Ambassador to the other Party. Each Party will endeavour to keep the other up-to-date on their regional affairs.
2. Each Party's Ambassador shall behave in a respectable manner towards his host region. This includes, but is not limited to obeying regional laws where it is applicable and following any ambassadorial protocol that the host region has already in place.
3. A Party may request that the particular Ambassador sent to them by the other Party be replaced if it considers that that Paragraph 2 of this Article has not been followed by the Ambassador in question.

Article 7 - Termination
1. A Party may terminate the operation of this Treaty by providing a Notice of Termination to the Government of the other Party on that Party's forums. Termination shall take effect seven calendar days after the Notice is provided.
2. If a Notice of Termination is served, the Parties shall endeavour to resolve any differences before the Treaty is terminated.

Article 8 - Commencement
1. The provisions of this Treaty shall become operative following its ratification by both Parties.