TextDecree 002: Concerning Recent Events in Osiris
Wintreath Statement on Recent Events in Osiris
This statement was written by the Monarch and backed by a majority of the Riksråd.

In what appears to be a broken record of instability for the region, roughly 48 hours ago The Brotherhood of Malice spearheaded an "invasion" of Osiris, apparently under the control of the previously semi-legitimate Pharaoh, Venico, along with Koth and Cormac Stark. While Venico already held the Delegacy, other actions they have taken, such as replacement of the long-held community forums and IRC channel with their own, show this to be yet another coup and seizure of power in the region by a rogue Delegate, a region that can ill-afford another blow to its community. Their justification for this is the removal of another group, a group of people that have been involved in Osiris for years and were community members in good standing when these events were launched. This group has rejected attempts at compromise in favour of the traditional Osiran "my way or the highway" stance.

Quote from: Venico
I will be serving until elections are held on December 15th. What? He's not grabbing power? Is this really Osiris? =P I'm not an elected delegate. I'm in this position because of a resignation. I can't in good faith just make up my own term and serve as a full delegate. If for some God awful reason December comes around and you people want me as delegate still? Ask me to run. -Source
Venico came into the picture with promises of a return to Constitutional government and elections, as stated in his own words quoted above on November 18th. And yet he told The Rejected Times that he had been planning this for "a solid month". Apparently it is really Osiris, he is seizing power, and it would appear that Venico simply lied about the entire thing to the Osiran people in order to bide time, gain influence, and wait to undertake this operation, which ironically came only days before the election he promised was supposed to happen. It's truly disappointing considering the amount of people that had faith in his leadership and welcomed him to the position.

Even more disturbing is the systematic vilification and persecution of defenders within the region for no other reason than that they are defenders. The original post made by the Brotherhood of Malice speaks of "defender subversives" of whom they are at "war" with, and lists defenders on a purge list that have not only done nothing against Osiris, but include many long-time Citizens of the region. The pledge prospective Citizens are forced to take references "defender tyranny", and vague references to events of years ago are used to justify these actions today. They claim members of the Empire group constitute "defender subversives" because of past connections to defender groups, conveniently not mentioning Cormac's own past connections to defender groups and regions, in particular the UDL and Spiritus. This level of extremism and hatred should be considered only as disturbing and worrisome.

These are not the actions of principled statesmen, and certainly not the actions of a government that deserves any level of recognition. Thus, by order of the Monarch:

1) Wintreath shall not recognize "The Fraternal Order of Osiris" as the legitimate government of Osiris.
This should not be construed as recognition of any other entity as the legitimate government, merely as a condemnation of the actions if this particular group.
-Nullified by Decree 008

2) Venico, Koth, and Cormac are declared persona non grata from Wintreath.
Not that any of them were ever to likely visit to begin with, but it never hurts to just make sure. And just to be clear, this would have applied to anyone to any group taking the same actions.

3) Wintreath shall make itself available to any refugees which are purged from Osiris by the current Delegate.
Ultimately once again, the people that will pay for these power struggles are the natives of the region, particularly those this group wishes to eliminate completely. Wintreath is a new region, but we would be happy to open our home to those who suddenly find themselves without one.
-Nullified by Decree 008

It can only be described as disappointing that a Delegacy that started with such promise has become just more of the same in the region. It is my hope that the region and its community preserver through these latest events, just as they have through so many dark times before.

-Inric Nordrim Stark (Wintermoot of Wintreath)
-Monarch of Wintreath