TextDecree 008: Regarding Recognition of GCR Governments
Decree 008 of the Monarch of Wintreath
Regarding the Recognition of GCR Governments

As a defender region, one of the principles upheld by our region is the defense of founderless regions from invasion and seizure by outside forces. When you think of the sort of region that we protect, what comes to mind? Probably a small region with just a few people that have had the misfortune of having their founder go inactive, or a region from before the founder mechanic was even added that's very rare these days, or perhaps an empty region with symbolic meaning, such Anne Frank, a region we helped liberate from Nazis last month.

However, there is another category of founderless region out there, and they're amongst the largest and most visible regions in the games: the feeders and sinkers, collectively known as the game-created regions. Unlike the regions previously listed, these regions are fully developed and are more than capable of handling their own security. They have their own unique governments, communities, security councils, and in many cases even their own armed forces which are deployed outside their regions. It is safe to say that these regions do not need ad-hoc defending like smaller regions do.

Additionally, it is entirely possible that due to the complexity of events in these regions attempting to conduct military actions in these regions could be counter-productive, such as the brief coup of Osiris in December 2012 that was unintentionally assisted by a United Defenders League support operation, something which is still occasionally brought up against the UDL years later. That operation may have been conducted with good intentions and the belief that it was sanctioned by the legitimate government of Osiris at the time, but as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

To that end, I decree the following to clarify our response to situations that may arise in these regions:

Statement of Neutrality
1) Unless obligated by treaty to recognize a specific government, the Frozen Realm of Wintreath shall recognize the governments of game-created regions as upheld by the current delegates of those regions.
1) Unless obligated by treaty to recognize a specific government, the Frozen Realm of Wintreath shall be neutral in intra-regional conflicts within game-created regions. (Modified 8/8/2017)

2) This change shall be applied retroactively, thus nullifying Sections 1 and 3 of Royal Decree 002.

Modification of the Decree
3) The Monarch may modify this decree at any time, and shall notifiy the regional community of doing so by creating a new post in the topic in which the decree was published detailing the modifications made.

It is my hope that these changes will provide a consistent and reasonable framework for our response to events which may transpire in these regions, and ensure that our region cannot be seen as either meddling in the affairs of these regions or holding principle over the realities of the situation.

So decreed on this 460th day since our region's founding,

Inric Nordrim Kestar (Wintermoot I of Wintreath)
Monarch and Founder of Wintreath