TextDecree 001: Concerning Regional Citizenship
This law is currently void.
In accordance with Section 6 of this Decree and Section 4.1 of the Citizenship and Demonym Act, this Decree is null and void as of January 8th, 2014

Decree 001 of the Monarch of Wintreath
Concerning Regional Citizenship

Required for the development of any region, community, or government is the recognition of a group of people who consider themselves residents of the region and who will submit themselves to the responsibilities, laws, and privileges of being a resident of the region. This decree, made after consultation with the members of this community, enshrines the process for nations to gain and  maintain Citizenship in Wintreath during this initial period of regional development.

1) Any person which has fulfilled the following Criteria may be granted Citizenship in Wintreath:
a) They have an in-game nation located in Wintreath
b) They do not have a nation which has already been granted Citizenship
c) They submit themselves to a review by following procedures specified by the Sovereign

2) The Monarch or his/her designee shall maintain the right to reject any nation for Citizenship for any reason

3) Any Citizen which fails to maintain their nation in the region shall have their Citizenship revoked

4) The Monarch shall maintain the right to revoke Citizenship for any other reasons
a) Upon invoking this section of the Decree, the Monarch shall publicly provide his reasoning for revoking any person's Citizenship

5) The Monarch may modify this decree at any time, and will notify the regional community of changes by creating a new post in this topic detailing the modifications made.

6) This Decree shall be considered void upon passage of legislation concerning regional Citizenship by any future Constitutional government