Text | VoteProcedural Rules of the Underhusen Amendment V
1. Title
  1.1 This shall be titled the Procedural Rules of the Underhusen Amendment V

2. Amendments
  2.1 This shall amend Section 8 to read,
At the Conclusion of each election, the Monarch shall immediately open poll within the halls of the Underhusen, where prospective candidates will have 48 hours to stand as a candidate for Speaker of the Underhusen. Following the 48 hour period, all Skrifa may have one vote for Speaker of the Underhusen. The poll will remain open for 48 hours or until all elected Skrifa have voted and no tie for doing so has occurred. The Speaker shall be chosen by popularity vote."
  2.2 A section shall be added on Amendments to the Procedural Rules of
       the Underhusen entitled, "Amendments of the Procedural Rules."
    2.2.1 This shall contain section 15, which shall read,
The Speaker of the Underhusen, or Speaker Pro Tempore if he/she is in use, shall maintain a link to all amendments to these Procedural Rules of the Underhusen.
  2.3 Section 8.1 shall be renamed to Section 8 a, which shall look like
       (a) in order to fit with the style of the Fundamental Laws.
  2.4 Section 14 e shall be added in which it shall read,
The Speaker must select a Speaker Pro Tempore within one week of being elected, afterwards the Speaker Pro Tempore is the candidate that got the second most amount of votes, in the event of a tie in that category the Speaker must choose one of the candidates.