Text | VoteProcedural Rules of the Underhusen (Amendment II)
1. Title
  1.1 The title of this document shall be The Procedural Rules of the Underhusen Act Amendment II

2. Amendments
  2.1 This shall modify the Article Entitled: Underhusen Procedure section 3 of the document to read:
3. Any legislative or non-legislative proposal introduced into the Underhusen will automatically be open for debate for 2 days. At the conclusion of this time period, a representative may either motion to Extend Debate or motion to vote. Either motion must be seconded before being passed.
  2.2 This shall add Section 3 b which shall read:
b. A motion to Extend Debate may include a time period shorter or longer than 48 hours, but is not shorter than 4 hours and is not longer than 1 weeks, should no time period be given or should the time period be shorter or longer than what is allowed, the extension shall be 48 hours.