TextDecree 006: Regarding Publications Within Wintreath
Decree 006 of the Monarch of Wintreath
Regarding Publications within Wintreath

The recent creation of a dedicated area for newspapers allows for many new opportunities in the region. For our Citizens and residents there's the opportunity to become better informed or to become part of an independent newspaper, and for our diplomatic partners there's the opportunity to publish their newspapers to a unique and special community which would be difficult to reach by any other means. However, as we are starting out and there have already been questions asked, I thought it would be prudent to clarify our rules, procedures, and stances on publishing newspapers within the region. In time, I hope that in time the papers that spawn contribute to our community by educating and informing, as well as generating activity and discussion.

Local Publications
1) Local publications, defined as publications managed entirely by Citizens of Wintreath, may be published within Wintreath without any prior approval from the Monarch or any subordinate officials. It is recognized that it is the purview of the Storting to regulate local publications within the context of the Fundamental Laws and other relevant laws.

Government Publications
2) Publications to be issued by the Government of Wintreath shall be published as seen fit with the approval of the Monarch or the Jarl of Information. Government publications must be identified as a publication of the relevant ministry or group.

Foreign Publications
3) Foreign publications, defined as newspapers managed by non-Citizens or newspapers managed by a foreign government, must be approved by the Jarl of Foreign Affairs prior to being published within Wintreath. Publications which are associated with a region shall only be approved if that region has active diplomatic relations with Wintreath, signified by the exchange of forum embassies.
3a) Foreign publications which have permission to publish within Wintreath are: The Rejected Times.

4) The Monarch may modify this decree at any time, and will notify the regional community of changes by creating a new post in this topic detailing the modifications made.

So decreed on this 288th day since Wintreath's founding,

Inric Nordrim Kestar (Wintermoot I of Wintreath)
Monarch and Founder of Wintreath