TextDecree 004: Regarding Recognition of Familial Houses
Decree 004 of the Monarch of Wintreath
Regarding Recognition of Familial Houses

In spite of Wintreath being a Monarchy, we haven't given much attention to the position of families within the region, in spite of all the exciting roles that Houses can play within the region. Establishing formal Houses will give recognition to the formal houses that have already risen in the region, allow for the development of a future nobility, and give our Citizens another way in which to distinguish themselves and the people they are close to within the region. I hope that our Houses will contribute to a unique, special culture, separate from any other region, which we are already starting to develop.

Recognition of Houses
1) Citizens of Wintreath who head a familial house in the region and have at least 100 posts on the regional forums shall have the right to formally request recognition of their House by the Government of Wintreath. The Monarch or his designee shall have the authority to approve or deny requests for recognition, and shall maintain a public record of all currently recognized Houses.

2) Upon approval of the request, the person that made the request shall be considered the Patriarch or Matriarch or the House, and will be responsible for maintaining any records of membership and family links within their House.
a) In the event that the Patriarch or Matriarch of a House becomes a non-Citizen, the House shall have the right to choose its next head according to its own customs and processes.

Classification of Houses
3) The House which the reigning Monarch of Wintreath belongs to shall be known as the Royal House of Wintreath, and may style their house as The Royal House of {name} Members of the royal house shall be eligible to receive royal titles in line with their position within the family.

4) The Monarch shall have the authority to declare a formally registered House as a Noble House, who may style their House as The Noble House of {name}. Members of noble houses shall be eligible to receive titles of nobility from the Monarch.
a) The Monarch shall also have the authority to revoke noble status from a House.

5) Other registered Houses not falling within the previous two sections shall be known as Common Houses, who may style their House as The House of {name}.

6) Houses which extend to membership in other regions may have other classifications and styles from those regions, and retain the right to include those styles, titles, and honorifics along with the styles granted in Wintreath, so long as the origin region of each styling can be distinguished.

Loss of Recognition
6) A House shall lose recognition if it no longer has any members which are Citizens of Wintreath.

7) The Monarch may revoke recognition of a House for any reason, which shall be stated to the House when recognition is revoked.

8) The Monarch may modify this decree at any time, and will notify the regional community of changes by creating a new post in this topic detailing the modifications made.

So Ordered on This Day,
-Inric Nordrim Kestar (Wintermoot of Wintreath)
-Monarch of Wintreath