Text | VoteThe Grammar Corrections Resolution
1. This resolution shall be cited as the Grammar Corrections Resolution.

2. The 24th Underhusen, understanding that grammar conventions are vital to clear communication, particularly in the interpretation of regional law, and acknowledging the heightened professionalism and credibility to be gained from consistent grammar, hereby:
(a) Recognizes Skrifa Mathyland for his efforts in correcting Wintrean law in his Grammar Check of Wintreath and numerous correctional amendments,
(b) Strongly encourages the Monarch and Overhusen to make correctional amendments to Royal Decrees and Overhusen Procedure, respectively, as outlined in the Grammar Check of Wintreath, and
(c) Advises the Citizenry, especially Skrifa and other government officials, to continue identifying and correcting grammatical and typographical errors in both existing law and proposed bills.