Text | VoteColberius X Commendation Act
1. This bill shall be cited as the Colberius X Commendation Act.

2. Wintreath notes the numerous achievements of Colberius X, including:
(a) Being the first Hyperian to join Wintreath, thus being among the original Hyperians that made the great friendship and cooperation between the regions of New Hyperion and Wintreath possible,
(b) Fostering the close Wintrean-Hyperian relationship as Ambassador from Aura Hyperia and New Hyperion, and later as High Commissioner following vassalization,
(c) His long and outstanding service on the Overhusen,
(d) Founding the largest and one of the oldest extant familial houses, the Noble House of Valeria.

3. The Storting hereby awards Colberius X the Commendation of Wintreath.