Text | VoteThe Wintreath Commendation Act
1. This Act shall be cited as the Wintreath Commendation Act.

2. Any member of the Storting shall have the authority to propose the Wintreath Commendation be awarded to any person in NationStates that he/she feels deserves recognition for extreme acts of bravery, loyalty, or any other quality the proposer decides warrants the Commendation.

3. No person who has not received the Commendation shall be authorized to display it in their signature or make any claim to having been awarded the Commendation.

4. The Monarch of Wintreath shall have the authority to revoke any Commendation previously awarded, so long as the Monarch feels it is necessary to do so.

5. The Wintreath Commendation shall be as displayed below:

6. The Storting of Wintreath respectfully requests the Winter Nomad and his appointed administrators to remove any Commendations falsely displayed in the signature of anyone who has not been awarded the Commendation.