NATS 118 - Military Gameplay
NATS 118 - Military Gameplay
Instructed by Wintermoot

Prerequisite: NATS 106 - The World Assembly
It his highly recommended that you understand the material covered in the World Assembly course before beginning this one, as an understanding of the World Assembly and especially the Delegacy is vital to understanding military gameplay.

Introduction of the Course

This course is geared toward people interested in military gameplay and considering joining a regional military or an inter-regional military organization. Military gameplay can be one of the most confusing aspects of NationStates to new players, but this course will provide an introduction to military gameplay with a focus on the terminology and mechanics involved in participating in this exciting aspect of NationStates. Once completed, you should have an idea of this area of the game involves, what would be expected of you as a soldier in a military, and what operations you may be best-suited for. It is not intended as a replacement  for the unique experience gained from live training on military operations! Many militaries, including our own Hvitt Riddaral, will provide this sort of training to new recruits upon joining.

If there are any errors in the course, or it doesn't adequately address a question you have, please contact me either on here or by telegram to my main nation, Wintermoot, and I will improve the course so that others won't be left confused.

Introduction to Military Gameplay

As you learned in the World Assembly course, the Delegate of a region has vast amounts of power over the region. If the region does not have a founder, in fact, the Delegate holds all the authority over the region and is the only player with access to executive controls for that region. This, and the fact that a Delegate can be removed by providing more endorsements to another nation in the region for the basis of military gameplay. Simply put, military gameplay revolves around gaining or maintaining the Delegacy of founderless regions in order to gain or keep control of a region by placing endorsements on certain nations and/or moving nations within the region at the right point in time.

The reasons a military may have for participating in military gameplay are varied, and usually depends upon their alignment as described below.

The Varied Alignments of NationStates

There are currently a number of alignments, or groups of organizations and regions with similar objectives, within the game, each with their own goals or objectives:
Wintreath is a defender region. Our goal is to uphold the native right to keep and maintain their own homes, and to defend them from those that would do them harm. While Wintreath is open to players of all alignments, as a region we tend to be closer with other defender regions and organizations because we have common objectives and goals. Regions and organizations of like alignments tend to be closest to each other, in general.

Types of Operations

In order to accomplish their aims, militaries undertake many different operations with various objectives. These operations are often referenced or named in militaries in reference to an operation or target region, so they're handy to know.