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Clans of Ma'ar


In this RP you would be playing not exactly as a nation or a character, but with a people, or more exactly a bloodline. Therefore you will play with a clan, a closely related multi-family group, that is nearing the end of their migratory period.

Time period, around pre-bronze age technologies, like stone, wood, hemp,


Now saying you will be playing with a clan is not exactly right so let me make it clearer

You will RP as key characters or personalities during periods of strife, conflict, danger or hunger, in other words, when the clan is facing one or more problems.

After you managed to ensure the survival of the clan, one way or another, and things settle down and you decide what your clan will pursue or do in the future, based on how you solved the problems, what your decision after the crisis has passed and depending on events that rock and shape the world further, your clan will evolve, progress, develop.

Now this is where I come in, I will play as the surrounding world itself, animals, weather, NPC Clans, tribes and civilizations, and sometimes even as lesser members of your clan, within RP rules, and present you with these problems that will appear and develop.

Examples at the end.

Also, religion or better put creed and spiritualism should play a big part, and with this I require a minimum of one seer, or shaman or equivalent in your tribe. Visions of long lost sister tribes might come up or so on.

The goal is to be to survive and make it through events that will rock the world.

Its something akin to turns, but we can't call it that, so these periods of strife conflict and problems will be named Crux or Cruxes.
Used for tab keeping

Of course, you can choose to switch and make me give you another problem to face up to three times everytime if you so desire and can contest the effects that I ration out to be if you so wish, within reason.

Naming and making you Clan:

Another important aspect. Don't worry, you can name your clan whatever you wish, and you'll name locations of your clan as well.

One thing thou
All clans share a common base culture, because we all evolved together. When I meant special locations I meant something like this:

Ma'ar - is the planet
Ma - mama, mother
Ar - ours
Ma'ar - our mother, or

Mavom - mother's womb, birthplace of humanity, the main steppes area
Ma'tiit - mother's teeth, the main mountain chain of the world.

These places are legendary, they are mentioned in the oldest of tales.
You can opt to corrupt this to represent lingual differences like so:

Maar - drop the coma
Mar - drop the a
Mhar - get a h in there
Mahar - leave both h in there
As long as it sounds roughly the same.

Now individuals: after your first Crux and your first key individuals or historical individuals from your already established legends, I would like to ask you to use names that denote their lineage, but once again, choose a theme and stick to it.

Like you have a great warrior, he is named Bada. Your Crux ended, over the time he has children dies and so forth, or some other destiny, maybe he starts getting worshiped by your tribe as a god or patron spirit.

Either way, their children should be named like Orak Badason, or Bada'Orak, or Orak Bada, or Orak Badaling.

This way we know straight off what his main strengths are. Orak therefore is atleast a good warrior, maybe same temper as his ancestor Bada, maybe he is even chief with divine right, descending from the divine and legendary Bada, or he is part of the clan council along with other family heads descended from great such individuals.

So choose a theme of family names and stick to it. Its a clan after all. Like maybe throw in a third name, the name of your clan itself: Yule Badaid Orak.

So after tracing your migratory route, over land, I will allow some island to island, you will also give me some events that happened in your history, and how it affected and changed them. I will require a minimum of 2 of these events to give your clan some traits and inspiration for me.

Very Simplified

Clan Yule has just decided to settled down and to started hunting small creatures in the forests. This has attracted the attention of the local tiger population by making competition and the tigers will bitterly stalk their competition back to their home and attack.

Also, a part of the clan, 2 families led by Mura Badaid, Orak's half-brother, want to leave back to migrating. This would take around 1/4th of the tribe.

Yule Badaid Orak, chief of the clan, decided arm themselves and implements heavy defenses around their houses. After a few more attack and modifications so that they fully adapt to the attacks of the tigers.

Then he tries to argue with his half-brother, even coming to blows due to his short temper. Eventually, he forcefully implements more security to guard supplies and tools. one tenth of the clan still runs away.

Crux I of Clan Yule,

Issue: Separatists and local fauna attacks
Decisions Taken: Supressed separatists, insitute defences
Effects: A part of the tribe remains bitter, rivalry between Orak and Mura, The runaways may survive and form a sister tribe.
Martial Tradition developing, the shaman calls Orak for a ritual. Orak then finds out of a new god which he names. He is god of hunt and war, the tribe start worshiping him as patron and main god. More martial tradition.

I would RP here as the tigers attacking, the clan members coming back to announce the situation, Mura and his allies, the shaman.

Now you could've agreed with Mura, go back to migrating, or maybe introduce a new character, a spy, or kinslayer, or a new great hunter, or maybe switch prey to stop competing with the tigers, so forth.

Now the maps and climates.

Climates will decide environment and local fauna.

Map with black mark for starting area of migration.

Fine go over the mountains, but don't over do it, the path of your clan will also affect their traits.


Map with climates

Yeah, no, go where ever you wish m8.
I will accept modifications after others have set their course.


Red- Rainforests, ecuatorial
Pink - Monsoon area
Mountains are mountains climate
Dark Blue - Continental Oceanic
Bright Blue - Subtropical and Mediteraneean
Bright Green - Temperate Continental
Dark Green - Taiga
Sandy Color - Steppes and Silvosteppes

Crude Terrain Map


This was my first time making a map and creating an RP, so bare with me with the wrongfully located climates and pixelated map.
I can take suggestions and critique.

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    I am quite interested =) With a particular interest in them steppelands
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    Horse-riding Nomad clans will certainly be a thing, certainly NPC Clans of such nature will exist tbh.
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