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July 20, 2017, 05:26:51 PM

Thank you for the updates! :)

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    August 11, 2017, 02:20:49 AM

    [big][big]President Writinglegend Announces New Media Agreement[/big][/big]
    [big]By Writinglegend[/big]

    (Europeia - August 2, 2017) - President Writinglegend announced a new cooperative measure last week, titled Media Development and Distribution Agreement, with the region of Britannia in order to further exploit the medium of Communications to build partnerships abroad.

    "The expansion of our influence into Developing UCR's has played a critical role in our agenda this term, and we have viewed such relationship building as a necessity to ensure the vitality of our foreign policy in the coming years," President Writinglegend stated, acknowledging the impact developing UCR's have played in Europeia's foreign agenda this term. "With the increased success of our own domestic communications sector in the publication of our voice, it is only natural we utilize our media superiority to allow like-minded regions to spread their own message."

    The 'Media Development and Distribution Agreement (MDDA)' will allow Europeia to assist in arming like-minded Independent regions with the skills to advance our shared ideology and values through thevarious mediums of communication. Through running an integrated communications campaign abroad, our voice and values are broadcast on a greater level. Inside of the MDDA are provisions for bi-regional publications of State Media content, mutual dispatch upvoting, and media training and development to assist in the region's external and internal publications.

    The announcement of the MDDA was met with much rejoice. Skizzy Grey, current Deputy Speaker of the Senate and long-time foreign policy adviser, had kind words for the progress made. "Kudos to the Administration for another thoughtful step toward rebuilding the independent sphere," he said.

    The Senate immediately ratified the MDDA on July 29 after President Writinglegend gave a statement on how this agreement allows us to pursue our interests abroad. "We must always support those who share our values and basic principles. It is the Europeian mandate to do so," he explained on the Senate floor. "The Britannia Kingdom is a UCR that shares similar values and interests to our region ... what we can do to assist our partnership is build a media skillset within this region to better help them in promoting those values abroad."

    On July 30, Sovereign King Sebastian I ratified the MDDA in Britannia, commencing media cooperation.

    President Writinglegend has appointed Vice President Deepest House to spearhead their media development and serve as Europeia's Communication Ambassador. "I will work closely with their chosen representative to develop the proper infrastructure of a robust media operation," Vice President Deepest House publicly stated in his mid-term address to the region. "This agreement demonstrates Europeian leadership on the international front within the Independent sphere, and ensures that our values and ideals are more effectively messaged throughout the NationStates world."

    Europeia looks forward to a fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship with Britannia.
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